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After nearly 10 years in the Outdoor & Overseas Expedition Industry, I decided it was time to add another skill to the plate… Something exciting and innate to keep me in one place for a while. I took the approach an old college tutor once did when looking for the next step and asked myself “What do you like doing?”. It was always obvious to me that working as a craftsman would allow me to stay creative, work with the amazing material that is wood and continue my self-employed life, hopefully in my own workshop — something I’ve always dreamt of since my first DT class at school! ... and above all, slotting in nicely with that relaxed outdoor lifestyle Cornwall has to offer.


For the last few months of 2018, I moved to Cardiff and trained on a City & Guilds L2 Diploma in Site Carpentry and Bench Joinery. It was an amazing course, teaching us everything we needed to know before starting our new career in the trade. With projects and assessments aimed towards both site work and workshop based builds, it wasn't long before I knew that a workshop was the way forward for me.


I'm lucky enough to base myself in a cosy workshop near Falmouth working on private bespoke jobs and builds. Since starting out I’ve had a vast range of challenges and tasks thrown at me, I’ve loved every one and don't expect that to change… after all, variety is the spice of life!


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